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We got tired of searching for a local Mexican restaurant that served Mexican food with the enticing flavors that are present back home. In 2012, we decided to take a chance and open our own place. Our Chef, straight from Mexico City, brings these authentic flavors to every plate he serves.

Traditions from home

Nothing says Mexico like a great homemade mole sauce. Order it on top of chicken or with our delicious enchiladas for a unique taste that will want you coming back. Our chile relleno is one of the more popular items on our menu. It's definetely worth a try. Its flavor is like the one mom made when I was a kid. The key: fresh ingredients.


Our Guarantee

We know that the secret to any great restaurant is making sure our customers receive a great experience along with their great food.We train our staff to be courteous, attentive and respectful of your needs. Our service is always with a smile. We hope that our place is your escape from your hectic life. Come and enjoy.

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